Our Story

Windeck was created in 2001, but our story began long before that. As a kid, Brian took a bunch of family road trips during hot Summer months. They passed popsicles around the car to keep everybody cool. The popsicles chilled everybody out, but Brian took cool to another level when after finishing his popsicle he transformed the stick into a fingerboard and started surfing the wind!

Remembering those good times and looking for ways to share them with his kids, Brian began playing with designs for a finger surfboard. After numerous board designs, he assembled the ideal finger surfboard that transforms the road trip experience. 

Today, Brian & Co. are stoked to offer you our best deck yet! All Windeck finger surfboards come with a grip tape topside and a surf leash with a cuff, so you never have to worry about losing your Windeck, no matter how gnarly it gets out there. Be safe and have fun riding the wind!