• Windeck

  • The Original Finger Surfboard
  • The Original Finger Surfboard

  • When life gives you roadtrips...

  • ...surf the wind.


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The Original Finger Surfboard

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When life gives you roadtrips...

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...surf the wind.

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This finger surfboard was on my 11 Year Old Daughters Christmas list this year... Now she's taking it with her whenever we leave the house so she can surf while she is riding in the car. 


Windecks have been a lifesaver for my 8 year old kid with ADHD, it has made driving with him so much easier as he is now occupied in surfing the air with his new friend, and is now excited to go on drives!


I had a rough day at work a few days ago... but I pulled out my Windeck and 100% changed my mood! Such a great way to nourish your inner child! If I could be a spokesman for Windeck I would!!

Hunter G.

Road Trips Just Got Better

One of the best ways to surf a Windeck fingerboard is while riding as a passenger in a car. This is the perfect place to practice "BIG WIND" finger surfing.

Uplevel Your Next Boat Trip

Tired of waiting for your turn to surf? No worries! Surf the air while you wait with your buddy, the Windeck Finger Surfboard!

Ride The Wind At The Crib

Has the summer heat burnt your bacon? Grab your Windeck and cool off in front of a big fan. This is one of the most choice places to ride.